Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where for art thou, Utica?

When in Utica, you might see a cheery, bald, bank spokesman say  "Utica is a special place" on TV.  The connotation of "special" is wide open for interpretation.

Utica is perceived by some as a wasteland devoid of anything interesting, an inescapable vortex of nothing.

I rebut this notion. A place is what you make of it.  You can create both negative and positive change within your environment.  If you live in or near Utica, it is part of you and you a part of it.  Make the best, or worst of it. It is your choice. If we all choose to make the best of it, Utica will become an amazing place.  I know a great number of people in the area doing just that. A change in perception is growing. Utica is self-actualizing. We have the stubborn faith to stay- to stand our ground.. to know that it will come back again.

EsC(a)Row (2012)
Digital Collage by KR
An ode to Utica, NY. My hometown, place of birth and current residence. If you are not from the area you may wonder what's deal with the crows in this piece. A few years back, a massive murder of ravenous, loud and innately malevolent crows descended on Utica. They caused such a ruckus that the city  purchased a high tech laser light show device to scare them way. I have a sense that the crows thought it a part of their welcoming party.

The crows, besides the literal relevance, represents the negativity that you will occasionally experience when visiting Utica. It represents a group mentality, a willingness to go with the pack (or murder in this case) and the inability to think for one's self. I would categorize this behavior as "bird brained".

The title is a play on the crow theme as well. It's supposed to hint that negative group mentality is holding Utica's potential growth in escrow. In essence, naysayers refuse to realize Utica's promise because they cannot see it for themselves and therefore deny it out of existence.

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