Monday, September 30, 2013

Whoa Baby!

A double take. Are you serious or just messing with me? You're pregnant? Really?

These were the first thoughts to make it through the salivated chute of my mouth that fateful day in May. At first, I was scared. However, after a few days of serious thought about bringing new life into the world, there was no more doubt, only anticipation of the wonderful things to come.

Number3026 (May 2013)
Digital Collage by KR

I experienced much joy in May when we decided to take the challenging yet rewarding route of having a child. Unable to guard a secret for the life of me, I tested the depths of my subtlety. I posted this onto my Facebook album,the previous home of my artwork.  This is a baby-themed piece. Nobody saw the connection except for my mother, who commented "intriguing".

The title is a combination of our two ages: 30 and 26. There are a few different representations of the womb, including one of DaVinchi's anatomical sketches. The stacks of tubes represent the various constructs of the human body, ex. fallopian. They can also represent the construction of life, cells stacking and dividing.

Something the mother-to-be later pointed out is that the color wheels resemble birth control pill containers.  Rather tongue in cheek- but happy accidents are what make life wonderful!

 for SW and our sweet little girl en route, VR.

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