Friday, October 25, 2013

Persistence of Vision

Frame and frorture, fratal arttractions, lrove, lross and rredemption.

The Dance Movement  (2012)
This is an early piece that I did before I really knew what I was doing. It was created as a course promotion flier for the Department of Performing and Fine Arts at Utica College. The course was called "Animation".  I originally called this piece animation as well, but have since changed its name.  The Dance Movement fits the content of the image better.

 My issue with this piece is that there is no depth, it is all composed on a relatively flat plane. Still, it turned out rather whimsical. I used an early Kinetoscope image of a woman dancing and layered different frames over different cells with varying opacity. If you look close, you can see many different poses within one cell.


  1. This is an AWESOME piece Kyle. It reminds me of some of Joseph Cornell's work.

    1. Thanks, Steve! I'll have to check him out.