Saturday, March 8, 2014

Putin things in perspective

"Invasion" - March 2014

Here's a new black and white piece that I've been working on.  It's slightly politically motivated, but per usual it is entirely open for interpretation.  I fancy creating these science fiction-y landscapes. I was always a fan of the notion of alien life, and I think it seeps through into my work.

I've found that collage is a great medium to express this alien look, because the creatures created are completely random looking. It's safe to say that alien life would possess the same randomness. The splash of dull red on the one arthropod-storm soldier's helmet is just the right amount of color in this piece. It also adds to the ominous look of the figure. I like how the lighting turned out above the Kremlin, which is overshadowed by the landing arthropod mother ship.  It's like Red Dawn II. The invader becomes the invaded.

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