Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In the arms of an angle

Sorry, blagh. I neglect thee. Here's my latest and most favorite composition to fall out of my head yet.

Fallen Angles (1/31/14)

Yes, I'm aware that the title appears to be spelled wrong. It is not.  I'm attempting to be coy and ironic like a hipster in a scarf store. And contrary to popular belief, there are indeed angles in this collage. (ie. the careening dirigibles, the horizon, angel falls) so there. 

Again I select powerful image samples to invoke whatever emotions are attached to each image, composed and transformed together. Although they may not have individual relation in context, the surrealistic landscape which the finished collage presents  is profound.

Pictured in the collage:
Michael the Arcangle
Angle falls, tallest waterfall on planet earth
Imp #1
Imp #2
Crater Lake
Some cellos or some shit

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