Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Find yourself a city to live in.

Detroit Michigan. Once the heart of American industry, it is now a desolate and disparaging place.  Many of the jobs that once made motor city bustle have long since left, evacuated for greener pastures.. overseas.  A pattern emerges, a historical cycle. Industrialization, prosperity,  decline.

Edit: After the decline, there is a rebirth.

Stone Offerings (August 2013)
This piece is my favorite from a visual standpoint. There is some underlying meaning of abandoned cities (Machu Pichu and Detroit) but the vast majority of this piece is simply an eye catching, surreal composition.  As with Something I 8ate, this collage began with a single concept, to put the ancient Incan city of Machu Pichu on a marble topped table. I enjoy how a portion of Machu Pichu seems to be draped off the top like a tablecloth.  From this focal point, the collage was constructed.  It is almost ironic that the Incans took great care and meticulously planned the construction their mountaintop fortress and I did just about the opposite. Collages often take time to work out proportions, but this one was completed in a little under 45 minutes. I love when that happens.

I inverted and colorized an notated version of Machu Pichu to create the top portion. I really enjoy the warmth of the mountaintop and the lines of the diagram, which mimic the sun's heat and radiance. 

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